Dazed Korea Unveils Behind-the-Scenes of the Photoshoot with BLACKPINK Jisoo

Despite being a global star, Jisoo maintains a down-to-earth work ethic, exuding professionalism that earns her universal praise

In January 2024, Jisoo pocketed several campaigns with Dior Beauty, Dyson, Alo, and shone brightly on the cover of the February issue of Dazed Korea magazine. Not only scoring with her goddess-like visuals, but Jisoo also received praise for her professional attitude, despite being a global star.

jisoo blackpink

The Dazed Korea team revealed that before the shooting day, Jisoo only slept for 3 hours, yet she didn’t show any signs of fatigue or irritation and successfully completed the 10-hour filming session. Moreover, she made an effort to spread positive energy to the entire team, making everyone feel comfortable working with her. It’s worth noting that this is not the only prestigious magazine praising Jisoo.

Previously, the eldest member of BLACKPINK was also applauded by Harper’s Bazaar Korea, Marie Claire, the itMICHAA brand team, etc., for her perfect work ethic. Even when filming late into the night or dealing with numerous layout and set changes, Jisoo never complained, always smiling and saying, “It’s okay, let’s have fun.” This may be a key factor that helps Jisoo maintain her status as a sought-after collaborator for any brand or magazine.

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