Chungha Reveals I.O.I’s Strong Friendship, “We Often Comfort Each Other”

Singer Chung-ha talked about the bond between I.O.I members

Chungha appeared in the new video of the content “Domestic Gift Factory” uploaded on the YouTube channel “Careet” on December 7th.


In the video, Kwang-hee asked Chungha if she had connected with I.O.I members these days. In response, Chungha shared, “The member of I.O.I that I meet most often is Yeonjung of WJSN. Yeonjung is a fixed guest on ‘Volume Up’ radio so I see her every Wednesday”, adding “And yesterday and the day before yesterday, with Yeonjung, Yoojung and Doyeon, we talked until 5 a.m. And last night, with Se-jeong, Nayoung, Doyeon and Yeonjung, we spent time together at my home.”

She shared, “We miss each other and comfort each other and we have comradeship with each other. We also do group video calls sometimes”, boasting about their unchanging friendship.

Kwanghee then mentioned Chungha’s past remark that she wanted to go back to I.O.I activities if she had a time machine. Hearing that, Chungha replied, “I didn’t realize how much I was loved. So I’m sad about that. Because I’ll never get that much love again”.

Kwanghee agreed, saying “I should have enjoyed it when I was popular. I didn’t realize it. If I go back to that, I can enjoy it like Hollywood”.

Source: Daum

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