DAY6 renews contract with JYP… “All members, based on deep trust for the past 7 years”

DAY6 has renewed their contract with JYP Entertainment.

On Sep 26th, JYP Entertainment said, “All DAY6 members have renewed their contracts with us. We will continue to accompany the members based on deep trust.”

JYP promised unwavering support, “We will become a strong support for DAY6’s future. We plan to spare no systematic support so that DAY6 can fly higher in the future.”


DAY6 debuted in Sep 2015. For the past 7 years, they worked as a representative K-pop band under the support of JYP Entertainment’s artist label Studio J.

They gave birth to numerous masterpieces. They received great love from fans for songs that they participated in writing and composing such as “You Were Beautiful”, “Time of Our Life” and “Zombie”.

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They recently met their fans “My Day” through an offline Meet & Greet event in commemoration of their 7th debut anniversary on Sep 7th.

Source: dispatch

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