Dancer crushed by 600kg LED screen saw slim chance of recovery 

After 2 months of various treatments, famous dancer Li Kai Yin saw a slim chance of recovery with limbs still paralyzed. 

On September 24th, Chinese media HK01 reported that the father and girlfriend of Li Kai Yin – the dancer who was crushed by a 600kg LED screen, had met with the dancer’s crewmate. Here, the two said farewell to the dancing stage on behalf of Li Kai Yin, and bidded goodbye to his crew mate. 

According to Li Kai Yin’s father, his son saw slim chances for recovery. After 2 months of intense treatment, he can only speak simple sentences and is still unable to move his limbs. Doctors have applied various treatment methods – both in Western and Easten styles, as well as utilized acupunctures, but Li Kai Yin still hasn’t regained his dynamic movements.

Lý Khải Ngôn

My son’s chances of recovery are slim, and I have so far seen no ending point. Initial diagnosis said that Kai Yin has a 99% chance of being paralyzed for the rest of his life, and after 2 months, this hasn’t changed,” the father said. 

Lý Khải Ngôn
Li Kai Yin will likely not be able to recover 

Meanwhile, Li Kai Yin’s parents and girlfriend are both mentally and physically drained after the dancer’s accident. 

In particular, Li Kai Yin’s father, who is a priest, lost 15kg within just 55 days of his son’s accident, while his girlfriend also became sick and frail as she dedicated all her time to taking care of him. 

All treatment fee of Li Kai Yin is taken care of Maker Ville – the agency behind the Cantonpop group MIRROR – on which stage Li Kai Yin got injured. The CEO of Maker Ville had also visited the dancer at the hospital, and tried to give his family around 1.2 million USD, which Li Kai Yin’s father turned down. 

Back on July 28th, the entertainment industry of Hong Kong was surrounded in sorrow after a a serious accident which occured on the stage of boy group MIRROR. 

Lý Khải Ngôn

In particular, a 600kg LED screen fell down in the middle of the performance, crushing Li Kai Yin and giving him internal brain bleeding, heavy neck and head injuries, a broken spine, and paralysis in all four limbs. 

Ever since, the male dancer has gone through 3 major surgeries to mollify the damages done to his body, including nerves transplant and spine correction. Li Kai Yin managed to survive in the end, but his full-body paralysis also means that his dancer career and dream will be gone forever. According to Li Kai Yin’s father, the dancer now suffers not only physically but also mentally, and spent nights awake in pain. 

Li Kai Yin, 27 years old, is a famous dancer and well known for his unisex style in the Hong Kong showbiz. He’s the main dancer of MIRROR anđ the choreographer for many Hong Kong artists. Before this serious accident, Li Kai Yin held an extremely promising future. 

Source: Zing

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