Current status of the actress who has been banned from dancing by her agency as she can’t control her tension well

On the March 18th broadcast of MBC’s entertainment program “Point of Omniscient Interfere”, Shin Ye Eun, who drew attention for playing young Park Yeon Jin in Netflix’s original series “The Glory”, appeared and brought laughter by revealing her cute side unlike the villain image.

Shin Ye Eun’s manager said, “This time, her acting as a villain in ‘The Glory’ became a big issue. Actually, Ye Eun is playful and gives the feeling of a book-smart. I was worried about how her image would be ruined just by appearing on variety shows, so I reported it.”

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MC Yang Se Hyung mentioned Shin Ye Eun’s charm as she showed off her unique expressions and dance moves on various entertainment programs such as “Battle Trip” and “Happy Together” in the past. He asked if the rumor about Shin Ye Eun being banned from appearing on entertainment shows is true, “You were active on entertainment shows then suddenly disappeared in a moment.”

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Shin Ye Eun caused laughter by replying. “I’m not banned. When the camera is off, I’m very calm, but when the camera is on, I can’t control my tension well.”

Even in the schedule video with the manager, Shin Ye Eun could not hide her dancing instinct by following a trendy dance while being on the move. Seeing Shin Ye Eun’s excitement, the manager stopped her, “No, stop it. You’ll be in big trouble.”

The manager made everyone laugh by confessing, “Ye Eun once danced on ‘Happy Together’. Since then, she has been banned from dancing by the agency.”

The manager explained, “Because Ye Eun is so energetic and lively, (the agency) judged that she might not be able to concentrate well on her roles. The agency thinks of Ye Eun’s image, so they’re banning her (from dancing).”

Having gained popularity by playing young Park Yeon Jin in “The Glory”, Shin Ye Eun will return to the small screen with SBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse” today (March 20th).

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