Crush Mentions His Pet Dog’s Appearance On Stage, “Doyou Is The Center, I’m A Backup Member”

Singer Crush expressed his feelings about performing on a music show with his pet dog

The broadcast of KBS CoolFM’s “Lee Eun-ji’s Music Plaza” on November 22nd featured the guest appearance of Crush.

Crush released his full album “Wonderego” on the 14th and has been doing various broadcast activities.

In particular, the male singer made headlines when he appeared on the recent stage to perform the new song “Ego” with his pet dog Doyou. In particular, Doyou became overwhelmingly famous and there was a funny situation in which the views of Doyou’s individual fancam surpassed Crush’s fancam with Doyou.

Crush shared, “I took my dog Doyou to the music show, and Doyou became much more popular than I thought”, adding “There was a big difference in the number of views, about tens or tens of thousands times. Doyou has become a center”, drawing laughter.

He continued, “Center member Doyou didn’t come today so I will try my best to complete the schedule as a backup member”. 

Crush then performed a live performance and received favorable responses from radio listeners.

Source: Daum

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