Lee Dong-gun Visits A Fortune Teller, “New Year Luck Is Having A Son?”

The teaser for next week’s episode of “My Little Old Boy” was released at the end of the January 7th broadcast.

In the teaser, Lee Dong-gun and Kim Jun-ho visited a fortune teller in celebration of the New Year’s Day of 2024. Welcoming Kim Jun-ho and Lee Dong-gun, the fortune teller shocked Kim Jun-ho when he said, “Come in quickly, you need to get in the police car three times, how many times have you done it?”.

Lee Dong-gun

Later, the fortune teller said to Lee Dong-gun, “You may meet either a noble or a smart person, but you will divorce 4-5 times”, adding “I think you can expect a child late but that would be a precious son”. Hearing that, Lee Dong-gun got goosebumps, raising viewers’ curiosity about the whole story.

kim jun ho

Meanwhile, on a broadcast in November, Lee Dong-gun surprised his mother when he told her a story he heard from a famous physiognomist. He said, “The physiognomist looked at my face and said that I would have a son, but the son is not my child”, adding “That means, I may meet a woman who has a son”. Lee Dong-gun’s mother then asked, “Are you dating anyone?”, making Lee Dong-gun go speechless.

During the pre-meeting with the production team, Lee Dong-gun said, “I don’t think it would be easy for me to date anyone because the public has a bad view of me”. He added, “Roa (his daughter) will have her own phone soon and she can search for her dad’s name. Thinking about that… I’m still feeling sorry for her”.

Source: Daum

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