HyunA and E’Dawn livestream on SNS when being in a car today

Singers HyunA and E’Dawn’s daily life has been revealed.

E’Dawn (Kim Hyo-jong) aired live on his Instagram account on November 20. He was with his dog in the car.

Next to him was HyunA. They laughed and talked together. “If you don’t talk, you can not attend entertainment shows” and “I am boring.”

“We are going to tour the vintage shop to become an Insa, super Insa,” Hyuna said. “I bought a brooch for my boss at a vintage shop,” she added.

The two people were still in the pink. Their eyes matched each other and then they smiled. They gave the feeling like an old couple.

Fans responded to the recent situation by saying: “A well-matched couple,” and “It looks like a picture in a car.”


Source: Dispatch

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