Criticism Arises Regarding Kwon Eunbi’s Stage Outfits “Her Exposure Is Too Much”

Criticism arose regarding the outfits worn by Kwon Eunbi, who emerged as a sexy icon after Waterbomb

Some even started a hashtag campaign with the message “Change Kwon Eunbi’s styling” as a protest against Woollim Entertainment.

Recently, various online communities have been voicing their concerns that singer Kwon Eunbi‘s stage outfits at college festivals are too revealing, and they are demanding a change in her styling.

On some female-oriented sites, complaints such as “Kwon Eunbi’s exposure is too much“, “Don’t make her dress provocatively” and “It’s uncomfortable that she’s becoming more daring” have been posted one after another.

As Kwon Eunbi gained popularity after Waterbomb, criticisms also arose that her outfits have become increasingly revealing.

Regarding this, many netizens are expressing rebuttals like “Here we go again“, “What’s the problem with dressing this way? It suits her“, “It’s not the clothes that are provocative. Kwon Eunbi is naturally sexy“, “She’s just beautiful“…

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Meanwhile, Kwon Eunbi will appear on MBC’s entertainment program “Point of Omniscient Interfere”, which is scheduled to air on Saturday, Sep 23rd.

On the broadcast, the daily life of “Waterbomb Goddess” Kwon Eunbi will be revealed for the first time, as she showcases her easy-going life behind her goddess-like appearance by unveiling her personally decorated home that reflects her taste.

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