Crazy Charisma: Kim Hieora’s Behind-the-Scenes Confessions and Unique Journey to ‘The Glory Part 2

‘The Glory’ Kim Hieora: “I only applied patches and took a picture without a bra.”

As the release of “The Glory Part 2” approaches, interest in the lead actors is increasing.

In the midst of this, there is a buzz about the behind-the-scenes of the shoot where Kim Hieora tried to become more “crazy” to show her overwhelming charisma and madness, which she displayed in Part 1. In a recent interview with fashion magazine Allure, Hieora said, “We both tried to become more crazy like each other. Even the actors in ‘The Glory’ said, ‘I need to be more crazy today’ (laughs)”. While conveying the heated atmosphere on set, she also confessed, “It was great to wear clothes as I pleased. I almost didn’t wear underwear because I liked the feeling of freedom like Sarah.” She also shared a story that many people around her were worried about her when she only put on patches and shot without a bra, and even tied a scarf like a top.

Kim Hieora

Her unique history was also revealed, including her struggles during the time when she couldn’t even make one million won a month. Kim Hieora, who said she did many “useless things” during her mid-20s when she was performing at a school festival, said, “When my sister had a baby, there were many times when I couldn’t even make a million won a month. I wanted to buy clothes for my nephew, but I didn’t want to be an embarrassing aunt, so I sold children’s clothes. That’s how I made some money.”

Kim Hieora

Currently, she runs a cafe in Daehangno, Seoul. She also introduced herself by saying, “I am the type to do what I want to do no matter what.”

Meanwhile, in “The Glory,” Kim Hieora played the role of Lee Sera, a member of a gang who tormented Mun Dong-eun (played by Song Hye-kyo) during her school days. Lee Sera is the daughter of a pastor from a large church, and lives a life addicted to drugs and alcohol. She left a deep impression on the audience with her crazy behavior of enjoying the most licentious life while repeating prayer and repentance.

Kim Hieora

Born in 1989, Kim Hieora made her debut in the musical “Jack the Ripper” ensemble in 2009. Since then, she has appeared in musicals such as “Jack the Ripper,” “Seopyeonje,” “Sallier,” “Panther,” “Little Jack,” and “Marie Curie,” honing her rich singing ability and strong acting skills.

Since 2021, she has appeared in dramas such as “Monster” and “Hospital Playlist Season 2,” and has begun to establish her name as an actress. She also appeared in the ENA drama “Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo” as the North Korean defector Gye Hyang-sim and showed her impressive acting skills.

Source: Naver

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