Chuu, Yuqi And Tsuki’s English Skills Tested In Surprise Situation Of Meeting Foreigner On The Street

Chuu, Yuqi And Tsuki unveiled their English skills on “Star Of Star Girls”

The new episode of U+ Mobile TV’s “Star Of Star Girls”, which was released on October 30th, shows Chuu, Yuqi, and Tsuki doing a surprise test to confirm their English ability. The production team wanted to see how the three would react when meeting a foreigner speaking English in an empty Hongdae alley in the morning.

Starry Star Girl

First, the foreigner approached Chuu and said, “I’m looking for like a breakfast place or something”. Looking flustered, Chuu noticed that they were standing in the middle of the street so she reacted, “First, carefully (be careful)”, showing her consideration of others. The foreigner wanted to eat pancakes so Chuu asked him various questions and quickly searched for a restaurant according to that. Although her English was not good, she still tried to show the direction. With a worried face, Chuu added, “30 minutes far”, to tell the foreigner that the restaurant was a little far.

With the same question, the foreigner met Tsuki. In response, Tsuki said, “This way, go straight”, drawing laughter with her urgent appearance. While Tsuki was struggling as the man didn’t want to end the conversation, the production team called him to announce the end of the test. In the end, the foreigner said in Korean, “Hello? I think you will go to space?”, leaving Tsuki in shock. What’s more surprising is that Tsuki and that foreigner once appeared on a program called “South Korean Foreigners” together. Recognizing the man, Tsuki happily gave him a hug and ended the English test.

Starry Star Girl

In the same situation, Yuqi confidently replied to the foreigner, saying “Actually in Korea, they don’t open very early in the morning. So if you want, I recommend like Mcdonalds”, showing off her fluent English. She even led the conversation with the foreigner like a tour guide, saying “I recommend you just go shopping after eating”. 

Gathering together, Yuqi and Tsuki expressed anger about the sudden English tests, while Chuu laughed and confidently said, “I did very well”. In the end, Yuqi said, “Let’s take revenge”. 

Source: Daum

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