Choreographer Bae Yoon-jung Flaunts Sexy Body After Losing 13 kg Over Three Months 

On Jan. 13, Bae Yoon-jung posted on her personal social media account, “Last year was a year where I was thankful for many things. Among them, I think I was able to model and communicate more closely with you as I succeeded in dieting, which was a long-term duty.” She lost 13kg over three months and is still maintaining well after six months.

“As the new year begins, I’m sure many of you are aiming to go on a diet. February is shorter than usual and there is a Lunar New Year holiday, time goes by quickly, so it’s better to take care of your weight consistently from now on rather than delaying your diet until tomorrow,” she said. 

Bae Yoon-jung

Lastly, Bae Yun-jung showed off her confidence by saying, “Let’s post a lot of pictures in our swimsuits in the summer.” In addition, she drew attention by posting a video that highlights her slim body and photos that highlight her abs. 

Meanwhile, Bae Yoon-jung married Seo Kyung-hwan, a soccer coach who is 11 years younger than her, in 2019 and held her son in her arms in 2021. In addition, Bae confessed to postpartum depression last year on JTBC’s show “Salty Pawn Shop.” Afterwards, she said that she succeeded in losing weight, and said, “My husband really liked it when I lost weight.”

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