Choi Yena on LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon: “She has a Confucian-girl vibe”

On the January 23 broadcast of the MBC radio show “Kim Shin-young’s Hope Song at Noon”, soloist Choi Yena appeared as a guest.

Here, Kim Shin-young asked Choi Yena if she would feel more uncomfortable to hear Jo Yuri or Kim Chaewon, who were in IZ*ONE with her, use informal language.

Choi Yena

Responding to this, Yena revealed that Jo Yuri often uses informal language naturally, so it would be more. “However, Kim Chaewon usually uses polite language and has a Confucian-girl vibe. She feels like a real younger sister”, the female idol confessed, adding that it’d be unfamiliar to hear informal language from Chaewon. 

Later on, when asked to choose traveling with Kwon Eunbi or Jang Do-yeon, Choi Yena said, “Traveling with Kwon Eunbi is guaranteed. If I’m asked what to bring to a deserted island, I will bring Kwon Eunbi.” 

According to Yuna, she spent last Christmas with Kwon Eunbi and even celebrated Kwon Eunbi’s birthday party…. without Kwon Eunbi.

Source: Daum

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