Choi Min-hwan Drinks Two Bottles Of Wine Everyday and Yulhee Is A Stubborn Mother: The Real Reasons For Their Divorce?

FT Island’s Choi Min-hwan and LABOUM’s Yulhee’s conflict is being re-examined

Choi Min-hwan and Yulhee appeared on Channel A’s program “Oh Eun Young’s Golden Counselling Center” in September last year to share about their conflict, including differences in their children’s upbringing and lack of communication.

At the time, Choi said, “My wife is stubborn. She’s willing to take the kids to a kindergarten far away because it is good. It takes us an hour and a half to take them to school.” “I they are teaching ballet and English there at the same time. It costs 8 million won per month for our children’s education,” share Yulhee.

Choi complained, “My wife buys anything my children want.” To which, Yulhee explained, “My family was not well-off in the past. I remember there was a red patch on our refrigerator (as it was taken by the bank to pay for our debt),” hinting that she was making up for her childhood by giving her children what they wanted.

The couple also had problems with their conversation patterns. “My husband drinks more than two bottles every day, and when he drinks, he gets upset. Then I get angry,” said Yulhee.

Upon hearing this, Dr.Oh advised, “It could be a matter of conversation patterns. It is important for us to understand to the core of what the other say. If you give him an acknowledgement instead of a compliment, he will be able to have a conversation with you.”

Yulhee was particularly sensitive to her withdrawal from LABOUM and the announcement of her marriage. “I don’t want to revive my feelings. I feel more guilty then. I don’t want to face it again,” she said in tears. “When I got married, I had a conflict with my parents, and I also had a sad experience with my brother. I felt like I was a sinner. Later when I talk about that, all the hard times come to my mind,” she confessed.

Earlier, Choi Min-hwan’s agency FNC Entertainment announced on December 4th, “Choi Min-hwan and Yul-hee decided to divorce after careful consideration and are in the process of adjusting the divorce,” adding “Choi Min-hwan will have custody of the three children.”

Source: koreaboo

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