Chaos took place at TFBOYS’ 10th anniversary concert: Fans storm gate to get into the concert 

A series of chaotic events taking place at TFBOYS’ concert is gaining widespread attention.

On August 6, TFBOYS’ “10-Year Anniversary Concert” officially took place at  Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Stadium. After the ticket portal was opened, fans fought for a ticket for this once-of-a-lifetime concert. There were reportedly 33,000 tickets available. 


Before the concert, Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Stadium was mobbed by hundreds of thousands of audiences, despite the available 33,000 seats. Moreover, on-field reports revealed fans encouraged one another to storm the concert gate to bring LED signs into the stadium. Previously, organizers banned such items from going into the concert. 

Only 33,000 people had tickets to enter the venue; yet, thousands of fans attempted to crash the concert without a ticket 
Photos of the chaotic scene recorded by concert-goers 

Documented photos and clips revealed a chaotic scene outside the Stadium. Many scuffles took place. A fan showed she was bitten by another fan, leaving a visible bite mark. Security forces doubled down on regulating fans but to no avail. 

Previously, TFBOYS’ management company issued a document to fans of the boy group. They asked that fans should not gather in groups and disrupt public order near the concert venue. The company also strictly prohibited occupancy around the venue. Nonetheless, released photos and clips outside the venue showed that a group of fans did not comply. 

Xi’an police also reported a scuffle between fans who were trying to secure a spot to record the group’s rehearsal.

An audience member fainted outside the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Stadium 

Xi’an police were called to ensure public order. Xi’an’s local authority urges audiences to comply with concert regulations to ensure that the event took place smoothly. Nonetheless, the chaos was heavily frowned upon by the public. 

Source: k14 

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