Statements about BTS’ scope of performance during military duty sparked controversy

BTS fans are speaking up against recent statements of the Korean Ministry of Defense. 

On the 18th, at a press briefing, Colonel Moon Hong Sik, the acting spokesperson for the Korean Defense Ministry, gave information of the scope of performance of BTS after joining the military. 

“Our position is that we will provide an opportunity if they wish to participate when there is a national-level event for the public good or an event designed in light of the national interest”, said the Colonel in the briefing. 

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The Ministry allows BTS to do performances in times of military service on conditions that they serve “national interest” or “public good”. (Image: AllKpop) 

Col. Moon added that other artists also have access to the same rights while doing their military duty. 

According to Yonhap, in early October, the Korean Minister of Defense Lee Jong Sup stated in a parliamentary audit that BTS can join overseas activities while they are doing military service. 

As soon as the news came out, it sparked controversy across the Internet. Fans expressed their anger with reasons that BTS is being overworked

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Several comments against the statements of the Korean Ministry of Defense include: “Let them [BTS] do the military service in peace. They can return to music after their discharge and are prepared for the job”, “BTS will not get paid if they do performances in their military period”, “Let them rest in two years”. 

bts busan concert
Fans protested against the statements of the Korean Ministry of Defense on the basis that BTS is being exhausted. (Image: AllKpop) 

On the 17th, HYBE Entertainment announced that  BTS is doing their military service starting from the oldest, Jin (30 years old). If Jin makes a request to cancel the enlistment extension at the end of October, he is expected to join around 3 months from that point onwards, earliest in this year. 

HYBE intends to resume group activities in 2025. According to Park Ji Won, HYBE’s CEO, the members are making plans for personal activities up to the middle of 2023. Moreover, fans can enjoy pre-recorded content while BTS are away. 

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On the 18th, a netizen drew attention with a post titled “BTS’ influence is truly incredible”, where the poster compiled screenshots of media around the world delivering news of BTS joining the military.  

“They are legends. The US, the UK, Japan and other global news channels are reporting on the military enlistment decision of BTS”, wrote the poster. 

Big channels are talking about BTS’ military enlistment. (Image: AllKpop) 

Major media giving news of BTS include BBC News, abc News, NBC News, BT Entertainment News and Good Morning America …

Previously, on the 17th, an American economic magazine cited a 2018 report of Hyundai Research Institute which pointed out that BTS contributed 3.6 billion USD each year to the Korean economy, equivalent to 26 SMEs. 

According to Yonhap, AllKpop

Source: K14

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