Chaewon’s successful transformation with LE SSERAFIM: From a not-so-remarkable member to the high-earning leader of HYBE girl group 

Chaewon’s major transition shows her true capabilities as the idol, blowing fans away.

le sserafim
LE SSERAFIM is one of the prospective generation 4 girl groups of K-pop. (Image: M2) 

Chaewon was born in 2000 and spent her study at the Hanlim Multi Art School. Chaewon has idol potential since an early age and LE SSERAFIM allowed the idol to showcase her best. After her debut with the group, Chaewon has nothing but a spectacular transformation to  stun her friends. 

Le Sserafim chaewon
Chaewon is the leader of LE SSERAFIM. (Image: Kpopping)
 Apart from her capable vocals, Chaewon also shows a natural disposition to dancing. (Image: The Show) 

Before LE SSERAFIM, Chaewon was a member of IZ*ONE but was not the most outstanding member and was not too lucky with her solo appearances, particularly with magazine shoots. In one of her photoshoots with Vogue Korea, the idol emerged with a strange braided hair and a counterproductive wet makeup look. 

Chaewon’s time with IZ*ONE was not too memorable. (Image: Pinterest) 
le sserafim kim chaewon vogue
The idol sparked talks with her appearance on Vogue. (Image: Vogue) 
le sserafim kim chaewon vogue
 The strange hairstyle and makeup drew criticism of the idol. (Image: Vogue) 
le sserafim kim chaewon elle
Chaewon gained more charisma after joining LE SSERAFIM. (Image: ELLE) 

Little does anyone know, Chaewon is a daughter of the famous theater actress in Korea, Lee Ran Hee with 30 years working in the field. Chaewon’s mother is supportive of her choice of career. The idol bears a lot of her mother’s beauty traits.

Chaewon’s mother is a famous actress in Korea. (Image: Pinterest) 
The idol inherits her mother’s beauty. (Image: Pinterest) 

Her family background aside, Chaewon’s career is on the rise, accumulating for the actress a whopping earning. Her net worth reaches 1.5 million USD and seems to only rise in the future. 

le sserafim
Beautiful appearanceChaewon boasts an impressive figure in her earnings after a dynamic period. (Image: tvN) 

As of now, Chaewon is still highly regarded but the controversy over her debut has not died out. Nevertheless, the idol has a good reputation among peers and acquaintances. She is said to be a quiet and reserved person. 

Through her peers’ remarks, Chaewon is a friendly and often shy person. (Image: Kpopping) 
le sserafim chaewon
 They firmly said she could not get into any controversy. (Image: Kpopping) 

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