Celebrities expressed their feelings amid management conflict at SM

While the management conflict at SM Entertainment (SM) is spreading into a mud fight, celebrities are indirectly mentioning it and expressing their feelings.

Recently, SHINee Key drew attention by mentioning SM’s situation.

He conducted “KEY ‘Killer’ Countdown Live” through YouTube and TikTok, and had time to communicate by reading fans’ comments.

key shinee

At this time, a fan asked for an encore concert.

Key attracted attention by replying, “I also wish I could do it. Who should I ask to have an encore concert now? I’m the person who would like to do it more than anyone else. I don’t know. The company is going through a lot.”

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon also expressed bitterness amid the management conflict at SM.


On Feb 16th, Taeyeon shared a scene from the movie “The Unjust”. In this scene, Ryoo Seung Bum looks at people making a fuss on the golf course and says, “Ya, everyone lives so hard. They all live so hard.”

Although she did not add any caption, we could see her troubled mind about various gossips surrounding SM.

Super Junior Ryeowook indirectly mentioned “Kakao”.

ryeowook super junior

In the video released through his personal account, Ryeowook made a surprised expression while talking about “cacao” (Kakao and cacao are pronounced and written the exact same way in Korean) while eating chocolate. He then said, “I’m scared.”

The members around him joked, “You have to be careful.”

He then agreed that Lee Soo Man had a huge influence on SM’s operation.

On Feb 17th, former SM artist Park Myung Soo expressed his concerns about the celebrities under SM.

When the topic “SM’s management rights” came up on KBS Cool FM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show”, he said, “Lee Soo Man was once my boss.”

Park Myung-soo

He added, “I hope the artists won’t get hurt. I’m worried that they will get hurt.”

The current situation, in which the artists have no choice but to express their complicated feelings indirectly due to the management conflict at SM, is bitter.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment’s former executive producer and largest shareholder Lee Soo Man handed over his stake to HYBE. Accordingly, the current management and employees are raising opposing voices.

Source: Daum

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