“A fake watch = made in China?”… Chinese viewers got angry after watching Suzy’s new drama “Anna”

Coupang Play’s original series “Anna”, starring Suzy, is receiving criticism from Chinese netizens.

Coupang Play released episodes 1 and 2 of its new series “Anna” on June 24th.

While Korean netizens are giving favorable reviews for “Anna”, such as Suzy’s acting is so good”, “The story creates great immersion”, etc., the reactions from Chinese viewers are somewhat negative. Harsh criticism is pouring out on China SNS sites and communities. The key phrase “Controversy over Suzy’s new drama ‘Anna’” even topped the list of hot searches on Weibo.


What caused the rage from Chinese netizens was the scene in “Anna” where Suzy sells a blanket and a watch she received as gifts from Jung Eun-chae. 

In the drama, the shop assistant told Suzy that “This watch is made in China” and could not be sold since it’s a fake. Chinese netizens exploded with anger, saying “Korea copies our country but they are trying to put them on top”, “Here comes Korean dramas’ false marketing again”, etc.


In response, Korean Internet users commented, “A Chinese product is literally ‘made in China’, what’s the problem?”, “Aren’t Chinese people watching this drama illegally?”, expressing their position that the controversy is absurd. They said many products were made in China, and that the drama properly reflects the true social problem. 

Meanwhile, “Anna” tells about a woman who begins living a different life because of her small lie. In the released episodes, the process of Lee Yu-mi (Suzy), who attracts people’s attention with her outstanding appearance and talent despite her difficult family background, living a false life as Lee Anna, a completely different person, was depicted. 


The dangerous appearance of the main character Anna crossing beyond the limit of truths and lies put the viewers under great tension.

In addition to Suzy, actor Kim Joon-han, Jung Eun-chae, Park Ye-young also appears in the drama. Coupang Play’s six-episode series “Anna” release 2 episodes every Friday at 8 p.m. 

Source: insight

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