“She kills her husband with a burning handbag?”… Viewers shocked at Suzy’s fierce acting performance in “Anna” 

Suzy has received many compliments for her character transformations right from the start of her new drama “Anna”.

After Coupang Play’s series “Anna”, starring Suzy, was released on June 24th, the viewers are giving favorable reviews for Suzy’s acting skills. At the same time, the theory about spoilers in the teaser is currently a hot topic.


In fact, among numerous posts related to “Anna” were posted on DC Inside and the entertainment community site theqoo, the one containing spoilers about the ending drew attention. 

One netizen posted an article containing various scenes of “Anna” as gifs under the title “Suzy of drama ‘Anna’ kills her husband with a burning handbag”.

The netizen continued, “She boasts a high synchronization rate with the character in the original novel and is performing various images from a teenager to a woman in her 30s. There’s a scene in the first episode where Anna threw her burning handbag into the car after getting out of the passenger seat. She then threw her husband’s passport and two other passports into the car and burned them. The title and comments are my speculations. Many people are pointing out spoilers, I’ll add more to the post later.

Anna suzy

In “Anna”, Suzy plays a complicated character, a talented “dirt spoon” Yumi who decides to steal Hyeon-ju’s wealthy life after becoming the personal secretary for “diamond spoon” Hyeon-ju. After changing her name to Anna only for success, she gets a fake job, marries someone without love, and takes advantage of her husband’s wealth and social status.

Anna suzy

In the teaser released on June 24th, Suzy properly portrayed a character with diverse images from a girl in her teens to a woman in her 30s. In particular, she made the viewers feel sorry and sad for her character by showing the life of Anna who maintains a “poker face” in her life full of lies.

suzy anna

In the teaser, Suzy appeared with a monologue, “You’ll find out if you take a look at what I really wanted to have. The lie becomes the truth the moment you believe in it”. Later, Jung Eun-chae, who played Hyeon-ju, said, “You have to pay the price for stealing other people’s lives”, heralding a catastrophe. “I’ll do everything I determine to do”, Suzy said. Her determined appearance hinted at a tragic ending for “Anna”.

suzy kim jun han anna

The viewers gave explosive responses, such as “Suzy’s face is probably the story”, “I think Suzy’s face has become deeper”, “Her acting skills are so amazing”, “As expected from Suzy”, “This drama will become a great hit”, “She did such a great job acting the Ripley Syndrome”, etc.

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