Cai Xukun accused of drugging and getting involved with a minor 

Despite Cai Xukun having made an official statement, controversies surrounding him are far from being over. 

After almost a week of silence, Cai Xukun has finally spoken up regarding the controversy of him getting a one-night stand (referred to as “C”) pregnant and urging her to abort the baby. In particular, in his recent statement, the Chinese star admitted to having had a relationship with C back in 2021 and getting her pregnant. 

However, Cai Xukun also emphasized that he and C had amicably resolved their private matters, and that there were no further entanglements between them.

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“My relationship with C was consensual on both sides, and claims such as ‘forced abortion’ and my partner being a ‘minor’ are completely groundless. There is nothing illegal about us, so I hope that media outlets stop spreading and believing in such rumors”, he also said. 

However, immediately after Cai Xukun made his statement, various famous Chinese bloggers released several footage, claiming that Cai Xukun had a romantic relationship and even drugged a girl, W, who was born in 2005. According to these alleged “evidences”, W has been a hardcore fan of Cai Xukun since the age of 13. Due to her wealthy background, she had the opportunity to participate in many major events with Cai Xukun, becoming friends and visiting the male singer’s home on multiple occasions. 

In particular, the aforementioned girl reportedly said that Cai Xukun had many lovers and always remained vigilant, so she had her phone confiscated every time they met. Intimate photos of the two were taken by a staff member and later sent to her. W also added that one night, Cai Xukun gave her a glass of orange juice, and after drinking it, she started to lose consciousness. The two ended up having sexual relations in 2022, when W had just turned 17. 

cai xukun
Cai Xukun speaks up about the scandal after a week of silence.
Cai Xukun
Immediately after, Chinese bloggers released “evidence” of Cai Xukun drugging and having sex with a girl when she was a minor

These claims have since gained huge attention on Chinese social media, with many saying that  

if Cai Xukun was indeed involved with a minor, the star is likely to face heavy legal consequences. However, some argued that the footage released may not be authentic, especially since Cai Xukun immediately denied these allegations and claimed to have reported the matter to the police.

Meanwhile, the scandal involving Cai Xukun broke out back on June 26th. In particular, it was stated that back in May 20th, 2021, Cai Xukun met a girl (referred to as C) at a karaoke bar in the Chaoyang District, Beijing, through a mutual friend. That night, they engaged in sexual relations. One month later, C visited a hospital for a pregnancy test and discovered she was pregnant. She contacted Cai Xukun, and the male singer requested her to have an abortion. On July 5th, 2021, C went to the hospital alone to have the abortion.

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Upon learning about the situation, Cai Xukun’s mother was suspicious of C, to the point of hiring a private detective and installing a spy cam outside of C’s house. It was revealed that the camera recorded C and another man entering the house at 3 a.m. However, the detective later discovered that the man was just a close friend of C. 

In addition, a photo of C holding the abortion certificate, as well as an audio recording of Cai Xukun’s mother offering C a compensation of 500,000 Chinese yuan (approximately 70,000 USD) were subsequently circulated on social media. Cai Xukun remained completely silent up until today. 

An image of C holding the abortion certificate and an audio recording of Cai Xukun’s mother negotiating compensation of 500,000 Chinese yuan was released 

Source: Weibo

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