Appearing on the US show: BLACKPINK makes a stir by wearing Hanbok, while TWICE goes for a more daring look

TWICE recently appeared on an American tv show to promote their first English single.

On October 1, TWICE released their first English single in their career called The Feels.  The girls also promoted the title song on NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (USA).  This event made many netizens recall the time when BLACKPINK appeared on this TV show.  Immediately, many fans compared the outfits of the two girl groups above.

TWICE in royal sports style

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is a favorite TV Show in America, hosted by Jimmy Fallon.  The program brought a lot of laughter to the audience with interesting games and special performances by the guest artists.

The TWICE girls appear to have prepared well for their appearance in such a prominent TV Show. With a series of one outfits, the JYP girls made a strong first impression. TWICE has cleverly dressed in sporty outfits in a modern music market like the US, especially the design of these dresses has a US-UK vibe.

blackpink twice

Most of the outfits are dynamic skirts or shorts combined with crop tops.  The main color is also cleverly chosen by the stylist with royal tones such as white, dark blue, and yellow.  In particular, the most prominent are the two costumes of Jihyo and Nayeon.  These 2 designs are sexier than that of the rest of the members.

However, fans believe that the stylist should remove small details such as lace or beads to avoid making the outfit too clunky. Overall, TWICE still looks pretty good in this appearance.

BLACKPINK contributes to promoting Korean image with hanbok

TWICE tries to blend into the American space, whereas BLACKPINK exhibits traditional Korean culture. Last year, the outfit of four girls on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon received a lot of praise from the audience.

blackpink twice

At the time, BLACKPINK wowed fans by unexpectedly appearing on a foreign TV show in innovative hanboks. This series of outfits, with a sophisticated and beautiful design, not only carried the traditional Korean character but also highlighted the physical advantages of each member.

It can be seen that the stylist was extremely skillful when turning traditional costumes into crop tops and short skirts. BLACKPINK’s clothes, in particular, are embellished with classic motifs and laces, giving them both a modern and traditional feel. Fans are proud of BLACKPINK’s innovative hanbok, which has become a legend.

blackpink twice

TWICE and BLACKPINK have completely different fashion orientations, despite appearing on the same TV show in the United States. TWICE demonstrates its integration with the international market, while BLACKPINK contributes to promoting Korean culture with their innovative hanboks.

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