TWICE’s confusing situation with the first English song in their career: “The Feels” was loved by the netizens but Korean music charts

The reaction of netizens and the Korean digital record for TWICE’s English song ‘The Feels’ showed contradictions.

At 13:00 on October 1 (KST), TWICE officially released their first English song called ‘The Feels’ with an MV version. Until now, TWICE has not had any official promotion activities in America, so this English single not only marks a new milestone in the group’s career but also receives a lot of expectations. Although this is an English single, Korean netizens also pay attention to this step of TWICE because they are still the top 3rd generation Kpop girl group. So what will Knets’ reaction to ‘The Feels’ be?

The first English song in TWICE’s career

TWICE is famous for their sweet and bright image, so the English song ‘The Feels’ also use the same concept. However, the main feature is that this song also has a nostalgic style, reminiscent of disco-pop music of the 90s combined with a deep bass sound. The song was composed by a team of foreign producers: collapsedone, Justin Reinstein, Anna Timgren, and Boy Matthews.

The content of the song tells about the beautiful fluttering emotions of the first love. MV ‘The Feels’ is set at a prom party. The 9 members of TWICE experienced the exciting emotion while preparing for one of the most important parties of the year. The MV starts with them receiving an invitation to a prom, then they get ready and dance the night away at the party. TWICE’s MV colors and outfits are very elegant, beautiful as a lady, and also have a reminiscent of the 90s.

Surprisingly positive reaction from Korean netizens

TWICE’s ‘The Feels’ MV has also become a hot topic on Korean SNS. And although this is the first time TWICE has tried their hand at an official English single, the response they received has been extremely positive. Accordingly, from the melody to the concept of the MV are all praised for satisfying both the listening part and also satisfying the visual part.

The song is also considered not difficult to listen to, on the contrary, it is very catchy and reminds Knet of TWICE’s previous catchy hits. Some also hope JYP will release a Korean version of ‘The Feels’. In addition, there is also a point that is also mentioned is the fluency in English of 9 members when not all of the members have good skills in this language. However, TWICE’s pronunciation is generally considered to be okay, and Sana is the most praised member.

Some comments from Knet:

  • The song is so good, can they release it in Korean too?
  • I like Chaeyoung’s rap part. The song is so good, Nayeon is so pretty
  • But I think their English pronunciation is not very good, I still thought it was a Japanese or Korean song.
  • Sana’s English pronunciation is surprisingly good ㅋㅋㅋ
  • It sounds so much better now that TWICE has removed all the high notes from their songs.
  • Chaeyoung and Momo fit their part very well this time, I hope they release a Korean version.
  • The anti-fans are working so hard ㅋㅋ Whether they’re good at English or not, they have a lot of foreign fans, the song is great!!
  • I want to commend them for always accepting challenges! TWICE is the best I love the song so much ㅜㅜㅜㅜ
  • They need to do this concept in Korea!! That will be very successful.
  • The choreography in the chorus is so good and the song is so beautiful, but how come all 9 of them are so pretty? Seriously, there isn’t a single person who isn’t pretty…
  • I’m surprised that Sana pronounces English so well ㅋㅋㅋ
  • The song is good, but it would be better if they made it in Korean. I don’t really think they are suitable for English…? It feels like a song meant in Korean but sung in English
  • Both the song and choreography are good, the concept is good too.
  • I keep replaying and listening to it without getting bored. This song feels better than I expected!!
  • But digital music achievements in Korea are incredibly low?

But digital music achievements in Korea are incredibly low?

In fact, ‘The Feels’ is a track that focuses on the Western market, especially the US. And for a new group with their first American advancement like TWICE, what they have done so far can be considered very good. Accordingly, ‘The Feels’ entered the TOP 5 of the US iTunes chart, the highest position achieved by this song was No.3.

In addition, up to now, the song has also reached No.1 on iTunes charts of 31 countries, is TWICE’s song with the most No.1 iTunes hits ever. In the UK market, the song also peaked at No.9 on this country’s iTunes chart.

However, because TWICE is also a famous group in Korea, many people are also interested in their digital music records in Korea. Currently, the charts in Korea are also very “open” to English songs, so when seeing Knet’s positive response to ‘The Feels’, many fans can’t help but expect a successful and stable digital music record for 9 girls.

However, Knets praised it but they… didn’t actually stream this song. After the first hour of release, ‘The Feels’ debuted at No.4 on Bugs chart and No.37 on Genie chart, not yet entered Melon and FLO. This is completely understandable because the song was released in the US time frame, so it is not easy to get a high rank on the chart in Korea right from the first few hours of its release.

Even when it was a good time to get higher rankings and when the song was mentioned by Korean netizens all over SNS, the ranking of ‘The Feels’ was still not good. After half a day of release, at 6 pm on October 1 (KST), ‘The Feels’ only entered the Melon Top 100 chart for the first time, but only at number 99. This is a very low ranking considering the fact that Melon has now relaxed the stream count rule.

In the most recent update at 11 a.m. on October 2 (KST), the song was quite successful when it ranked No.2 on the Bugs chart. However, the rest of the rankings are unbelievably low, such as No.83 on Melon, No.88 on FLO, and No.119 on Genie.

Some fans think it’s partly because the song is in English, and the rest is because the weekend is not easy to rank up digitally. However, that is only a small factor, because there are many other songs released, if really well received, it only takes 24 hours to at least enter the Top 50 of charts like Melon Top 100 or FLO.

In addition, for a famous girl group and also strong in digital music like TWICE, this achievement is still kind of a failure. This makes many people wonder that Knets praised it so much but the digital records on Korean music charts are still so low? Will ‘The Feels’ change the situation in the coming days and get promoted? Let’s wait!

Received praise from Knet but the digital achievement of ‘The Feels’ is too low, what happened to TWICE? How do you rate this song? Please share your opinion.

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