Argentinian Far-Right Vice Presidential Candidate Under Fire for Disrespecting BTS

Remarks by Argentina’s far-right vice presidential candidate, targeting BTS, sparks outrage from fans

In the upcoming presidential election in South America’s Argentina, the far-right presidential candidate Victoria Villaruel, Javier Milei’s running mate, have come under scrutiny for past derogatory comments about BTS.

According to the Argentina BTS fan club (BTS en Argentina), Victoria Villaruel, a candidate for vice president from the Free Front party, posted a tweet in 2020 that appeared to mock BTS.

In one tweet, she wrote, “BTS sounds like a sexually transmitted disease (STD).”

She also tweeted, “I dislike Koreans with pink hair.” Local BTS fans interpret these tweets as targeted remarks towards RM, the leader of BTS. RM had pink hair in 2015, 2017, and 2021.

In particular, her remarks about BTS sounding like an STD has gained renewed attention as she placed second with Milei in the main election vote on October 22nd. At the time of the tweet, Villaruel had received criticism and protests from fans, and it has rekindled the controversy.

However, Villaruel has responded by saying, “I’m sorry that this fun tweet chat from over a thousand years ago is pouring in like this,” showing indifference to the matter.


In response to this, BTS fans expressed their anger through a statement, “The message that BTS conveys has always been about respect for oneself and all others. We condemn Villaruel’s hateful xenophobia against BTS.”

They added, “Considering her recent remarks, we do not expect a meaningful apology from her. If you come across similar tweets, please report them to ARMYs rather than encouraging provocation.”

Source: fnnews

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