BTS’s V Livestreamed While Being Drunk Because Of This Cute Reason

BTS’s V quickly returned home and communicated with fans on a livestream

Popular rapper Lil Uzi Vert recently came to Korea to perform and held an after-party afterwards. On this day, V attended the party with RM.

However, V thought he would get drunk if he stayed, so he decided to come home and communicated with fans through a live broadcast. V explained the situation on Weverse.

bts v

V said, “I was drinking a little with Namjoon and came home right away because I thought I would get too drunk. It was very noisy there, I suddenly wanted to do a Weverse Live but I thought it would be a little weird to do it on the spot, so I took a taxi home.”

As time passed, RM, who attended the party with V, also appeared in V’s broadcast comments. Noticing RM’s appearance, V showed a “Shin-chan” smile and poured out his aegyo.

Fans who saw this responded, “Each action of him is cute,” and “It’s also a cute point that he took a taxi home to do a live broadcast.” Some complimented him, saying, “He’s handsome, friendly, cute, and does everything by himself.” 

Meanwhile, V officially released his first solo album “Layover” on September 8. V’s new song has gained popularity at home and abroad, charting in the Billboard 200 rankings for three consecutive weeks.

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