BTS’s Jungkook Reveals Shaved Head In A Hilarious Way 

Ahead of his military enlistment, BTS’s Jungkook lets fans see his shaved head in a unique manner  

On the evening of December 5, 4 BTS members who are going to enlist, including RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, held a live broadcast.

Here, V and Jungkook unveiled their new shaved hairstyle in preparation for the enlistment day. While V simply appeared in front of the camera, Jungkook wore a hat, only to take it off and quickly ran past the camera at the end, showing fans a “sneak peak” of his head. 

According to Jungkook, he was inspired and decided to shave his head after meeting Usher. Responding to this, V mentioned that he was shocked when having a video call with Jungkook because the latter cut it too short.

Jungkook zoomed past the camera, revealing his shaved head in a hilarious way 

On the other hand, since July, Jungkook has been releasing various solo projects, including singles “Seven” and “3D”, as well as his album “Golden”. The male idol has also set many unprecedented records for K-pop and Asian stars in general.

As a result, many fans express regret that Jungkook is choosing to enlist at the peak of his career. As a recipient of a cultural medal, Jungkook has the right to delay military service until the age of 30. Therefore, Jungkook still has four years before reaching the military service age, but he chose to complete it early.

This choice was made based on Jungkook’s personal desire and the consensus of BTS members. The group aims to reunite in 2025, continuing music activities after all seven members complete their military service.

“I have debuted solo, learned, and grown a lot. I know fans have been waiting for my album for three years, so thank you for waiting. The fans’ anticipation made me work hard and be more successful… We want to reunite quickly, so we chose to enlist together. I remember the moments performing on stage with BTS and am looking forward to the reunion day,” said Jungkook.

Jungkook also revealed that he has prepared many surprises before enlisting and hopes fans will look forward to them.

bts jungkook
Jungkook decided to shave his head after meeting Usher.

Meanwhile, other members shared their determination to return safely and reassure fans that the one year and a half will pass quickly. They also add that Jin will be discharged soon.

On the other hand, Big Hit previously announced the enlistment of RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook together, and added that there will be no official events on the day of enlistments. To prevent any issues with overcrowding, the company also requested fans to limit attendance at the enlistment location.

In the livestream, the four members urged fans not to come to the enlistment location to show respect to other people who will also be enlisting. 

Source: K14

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