“Worldwide Handsome Man” BTS’s Jin gets a new nickname – Celebrity of Celebrities

BTS member Jin got another nickname “Celebrity of celebrities”, proving his shining reputation as “Worldwide Handsome”.

The U.S media Allkpop recently issued an article about Jin being named “Celebrity of celebrities”. Accordingly, the media said, “‘Worldwide Handsome’ is genuinely the second name of BTS’s Jin. Many locals and celebrities know Jin by this nickname, which perfectly sums up the outstanding beauty of Jin.” 

bts jin

Jin’s nickname “Worldwide Handsome” was created when BTS first attended the Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs) in 2017.

bts jin

Jin’s handsome appearance caused the audience to ask for the “third one from the left”. Billboard also chose “the third man from the left” as a meme of the year and praised Jin’s popularity, saying, “He made BTS become the name that everyone in the U.S knows. This is all thanks to the third man from the left”.

bts jin

Allkpop also said that Jin had received lots of attention for his visual even before his debut, adding that Jin got stopped on the street by people who wanted to take pictures with him when he was a model for Etude House Korea and was known for his looks among students of Konkuk University, his alma mater. 

They said, “Jin’s beauty blooms more and more every year, so he keeps going viral every time BTS appears in public”, adding, “Such a handsome boy debuting in a K-pop group couldn’t go unnoticed by the public.”

bts jin

Jin was selected as the No.1 celebrity on TV shows and also became a hot topic by topping Naver’s real-time search as well as in the U.S. Throughout 10 years of his career, Jin has gained dozens of nicknames for his beauty every time he went viral among locals.

In addition, the media also cited praises for Jin’s shockingly extraordinary beauty from actors Song Kang, Park Seo-ham and Kim Ji-hoon, who are former Big Hit trainees. 

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On KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman”, which aired on May 14th, Kim Tae-kyun’s daughter Hyo-rin exclaimed, “Is there such a person in this world? I can’t find anyone who is as handsome as Jin!”.

According to Allkpop, GQ Korea recently published an article titled “Proof that BTS Jin is the ‘Visual King’” and gave Jin the splendid name “Celebrity of celebrities”.

bts jin

In particular, GQ Korea introduced the moment when Jin was mentioned as “World’s Most Handsome Man” in the Mexican drama “La Rosa de Guadalupe”. In fact, Jin’s name has appeared in numerous domestic and foreign dramas, proving Jin’s quality as the “Celebrity of celebrities” and “World’s Most Handsome Man”. This BTS member was chosen by plastic surgeons thanks to his golden ratio and is famous in the entertainment industry for his wide shoulders and small face.

Hashtags #MostHandsomeManJin and tagline CELEBRITY OF CELEBRITIES JIN topped the Twitter worldwide real-time trending on May 15th.

bts jin

Jin, who holds various titles as the ‘Visual King’, including “Most Handsome Man in the World” selected by the beauty website Andrey Beauty Studio. He was recognized by experts in the beauty world by being chosen as “No.1 Naturally Art Face” by KAZAN Arts School and was recently picked in the list of “most handsome men and beautiful women of the 21st century” together with American actress Scarlett Johansson by Sternmeister.

bts jin

Source: Daum, Allkpop

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