Lee So Yeon, straight confession to Kim Jong Kook “I’m more nervous as I’m sitting next to him”

Lee So Yeon confessed her favor for Kim Jong Kook.

Lee So Yeon and Kim Jong Kook formed a subtle atmosphere on KBS 2TV’s “Problem Child in House”, which aired on April 19th.

When the MCs said that there is a man who makes Lee So Yeon’s heart flutter, Lee So Yeon expressed interest in Kim Jong Kook, “I wasn’t like that before, but as I get older, my standards for men change. I used to like people who are friendly and comfortable. Now I like manly men with good bodies. I’m more nervous as I’m sitting next to him.”


Hearing Lee So Yeon’s sudden confession, Kim Jong Kook said shyly, “There are many people who liked pretty boys then changed like that.”

Lee So Yeon said, “I want to poke your arm once.” Kim Sook encouraged her to cling to Kim Jong Kook’s arm. As the two’s subtle atmosphere formed, Oh Yoon Ah caused laughter by saying, “I didn’t even know that her ideal type is a muscular man. She has never dated a man like him.”

Source: naver

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