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Hyuna ♥ Dawn, bedazzled by the cuteness of children, “Every moment was beautiful”

Famous couple Hyuna and Dawn took on the challenge of child-rearing. 

The 446th episode of KBS2 program “The Return of Superman” was broadcasted on the 9th. 

On the same day, Danwoo and Seah had a rematch. They had a hanging competition since July, and are now flared up with improved physical strength. Almost immediately, they quickly climbed up to the top of the ball pool in the kids’ cafe. 

Seah, who had a quick start, took the lead, while Danwoo followed suit and made for an unpredictable match. After Seah took the victory by a narrow margin, Danwoo coolly admitted his defeat and made viewers laugh with his wild congratulations as he said, “Seah, happy birthday”. 

Danwoo and Seah wrapped up their day with extreme sweetness, with Danwoo expressing his heart to Seah without hesitation, asking, “Can I live in your house?”. When Seah readily accepted the offer without one second of hesitation, Danwoo put his favorite food, ice-cream, into Seah’s mouth, showing off his gallant side.  

Watching the sight of Danwoo and Seah, viewers can’t help but smile the entire time, as the 4-year-old couple keeps taking care of each other and expressing their gratitude generously. 

Meanwhile, Zen, Hyuna, and Dawn spent a day full of laughter. Dawn, who usually says he likes Zen, complimented the scent of her hair when they met, and couldn’t take his eyes off the child all day. He also smiled super fondly at the little boy, giving off the aura of a “children fool”.

Zen and Dawn then started to perform a corn mukbang, and the way they sat face to face, with the same yellow hair, looking at each other while eating corn warmly, made them look like a true father and son. In addition, Hyuna and Dawn also drew attention by showing their artistic spirit and presented Zen a T-shirt they painted.

Hyuna and Dawn, who went for a walk with Zen, show infinite affection. Even though he was sweating profusely, the male artist worked hard to make Zen happy. They also had ice cream together to cool off the heat, and Zen even joked with Dawn by clasping his hands first and stealing Hyuna’s ice cream. 

Hyuna said, “It was new to see Dawn trying his best with Zen” Hyuna and Dawn picked the moment they ate ice cream with Jen as the most memorable moment, and laughed, saying, “Every moment was beautiful.”

The Return Of Super Man

On the other hand, the Tujun brothers met Harun and Lisa, who had traveled the world together in the corner of the room last month, and enjoyed their country-cance. The children started a full-fledged self-sufficient village, armed with t-shirts with their turn written in order of age and colorful floral print trousers.

The children who started ‘corn picking’ first. Even though it was their first time, the children enjoyed the joy of picking corn with their skillful skills and harvesting them themselves. In ‘Catch a Trout’, Minjun became the king of fishing with his bare hands. Minjun showed off his charisma by catching 3 trout in an instant with his unstoppable reflexes.

In ‘Cooking Rice Cake’, Yejun and Harun’s friendship shined brightly. Together, they succeeded in making rice cakes perfectly. The “Superman” and the children gathered together in the order of five and finished the village cance with a jeon made with leek and perilla leaves they picked themselves.

Dan-woo had a sweet time with 4-year-old Se-ah, Zen had a lovely day with Hyun-a and Dawn and Harun and Lisa and the Tu-jun brothers enjoyed country-cance through different experiences. 

‘The Return of Superman’ airs every Friday at 10 PM.

Source: Daum

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