“Flower of Evil” actor gave bad reviews after watching “The Batman,” “F***! The only cool thing is the poster”

Actor Kim Ji-hoon expressed disappointment with the movie “The Batman.”

On March 2nd, Kim Ji-hoon posted five poster photos of “The Batman” on his Instagram story, leaving harsh criticism. Kim Ji-hoon showed anger by adding swear words along with a caption saying, “Only the poster is cool.”

In the poster of Colin Farrell, who plays the role of Penguin, Kim Ji Hoon said, “Why does this ajusshi have to play Penguin… If you wanted no one to recognize you, it was a great success,” he wrote.

the batman

Kim Ji-hoon also did not like the role of Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz). He criticized that it was unrealistically drawn like a game CG video, not like a human being. Regarding Riddler (played by Paul Dano), he left a short comment saying, “Paul Dano does what he always does.”

Kim Ji-hoon drew attention by expressing regret as a fan of the “Batman” movie series. “I watched the Batman series with expectations and concerns, but I was bored until the last scene,” Kim Ji-hoon said, adding that it was difficult to withstand three hours of its running time. “I’m writing a review because I’m angry that I went to the theater, putting aside my busy work,” he said adding, “I’m also upset as much as I had high expectations.”

the batman

Kim Ji-hoon said, “Abandoning all the charms of the Batman movie might be bold, but I think the movie will be concluded as reckless, not bold,” and emphasized, “It’s not polite to leave such a negative review about a film being released, but I was a little angry after going to the theater.”

Meanwhile, “The Batman,” starring Robert Pattinson, was released on March 1st. According to the integrated computer network for movie theater entry tickets, it attracted more than 190,000 Korean viewers based on statistics on March 1st. This is the best movie opening performance of the year.

kim ji hoon

On the other hand, Kim Ji Hoon is currently reaching new heights in his career with his “rebellious, crazy” acting. As the main antagonist in “Flower of Evil,” Kim Ji Hoon gave a “scary” acting performance with his thin body, sharp eyes, sinister smile, and long curly hair.

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