BTS will not be able to attend MAMA 2021, so is there a chance for SM boygroups to win a Daesang?

Accordingly, BTS will not attend this year’s MAMA because they must comply with isolation regulations after returning from abroad.

On the morning of December 2, Korean media reported that BTS would not be able to attend the MAMA 2021 awards ceremony on December 11th due to new regulations of the Korean government. It disappointed not only BTS fans but Kpop fans. BTS has been the most anticipated name at Mnet’s award ceremony for several years. MAMA is known for its lavishly decorated stages, and when BTS attends those events, they always put on a show to remember.

Furthermore, the fact that BTS will not be attending MAMA may cause a shift in the award situation. MAMA has a tradition of awarding artists who attend events, so fans are concerned that BTS will miss out on certain awards simply because they are unable to attend. This could also be a great chance for NCT 127 and NCT Dream, who are both strong contenders for the Daesang Album Of The Year award.

NCT 127
NCT 127
NCT Dream
NCT Dream

Comments from netizens:

  • We just want BTS to be safe.  The award is not so important anymore.
  • MAMA, please deliver the trophy to HYBE headquarters!
  • Thus, NCT Dream and NCT 127 both have a chance to win Daesang Album of The Year.
  • Is it possible for MAMA to reschedule the event so that BTS can attend? This year, they will hold an offline event, but without BTS, not many people will buy tickets.
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