BTS shares letter, thanking and asking fans to join them in one emotional task

On June 7th, 3 days ahead of BTS’s comeback with the album “Proof”, the group wrote a letter to their fans and asked them to join a special challenge. 

The letter, which was sent from BTS to ARMY (fandom of BTS) on June 7th, has contents as follows:

bts letter

Dear ARMY, 

For nine years, you have been our greatest champions. As we embark on the journey to our 10th year as a band, we want to remember and celebrate all the special moments we’ve had together so far. 

Beginning this Saturday, we want to ask you to share your BTS stories with us, and each other, on YouTube Shorts.

From our first concert to the world’s biggest stages, to video premieres and album releases, you have been there for us and we want to relive these unforgettable BTS moments with you. 

By adding the hashtag #MyBTStory to your Short, we will be able to watch and possibly include your story in an ARMY tribute video we are making that will feature a collection of these memories. 

ARMY, we love you so much, thank you for sticking by us and we can’t wait to see what you create!

With love,


The letter, which was signed by all members, made a lot of ARMY emotional, who then responded with moving comments like: “We love you so much too”, “I feel warm inside”, “We ARMY also have a banner that says ‘Our flight together will last forever’.”

bts chart
The schedule for #MyBTStory moments.

Fans of BTS and people all around the world can join this challenge and published their own moments with BTS via the hashtag #MyBTStory on YouTube shorts, starting on June 11th and ending on July 9th (also ARMY’s birthday). Suggested background music include BTS’s upcoming title song “Yet To Come”, or any other hit from BTS. 


The world-famous group BTS will return to the Kpop world via their album “Proof”, to be released on June 10th, 9 AM (KST). Combined with the challenge, this will surely be another unforgettable moment between BTS and their fans ARMY. 

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