2AM Jo kwon thanked Kim Hye-soo for helping his mother who got cancer during his military enlistment

Jo kwon expressed his gratitude towards Kim Hye-soo in “Entertainment Weekly.”

KBS2’s live broadcast of “Entertainment Weekly,” which aired on December 24th, revealed the ranking of “Unexpected Santa Claus Star” as a Christmas special segment.

Actress Kim Hye-soo was ranked second in the list. Singer Jo kwon said about Kim Hye-soo, “She’s like a mentor in my life. My mother has melanoma cancer. When it spreads out, her entire lower body needs to be amputated. At that time, I wanted to give up everything. I was able to overcome the crisis and help my sick mother thanks to her. Since I’m in the military, she told me to, “Just stay healthy.

The long-awaited No.1 star was Choi Jin-sil. Yoo Jae-suk said, “In my heart, I always think Choi Jin-sil is my savior”, adding, “She told the director, ‘Try using him once. He’s a really interesting kid’. That’s why I was cast in Live and Fun Together”.

Nam Goong-min also mentioned Choi Jin-sil, saying, “I failed every open casting I tried. Choi Jin-sil, a senior actor whom I got to know when acting as an extra, seemed to have felt bad for me”. Nam Goong-min also expressed his gratitude to Choi Jin-sil, “Thanks to Choi Jin-sil, I was able to get more projects”.

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