More unreleased photos of BTS’s V and Jimin, BLACKPINK’s Jennie, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, EXO’s Kai, NCT’s Lucas got leaked 

Not only V and Jennie, more idols have become victims of leaked photos. 

Amid the growing dating rumors between BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie as fueled by private photos released by a hacker known as Gurumi Haribo in a Telegram chat room, earlier today, more photos that have never been seen before of the idols were dropped by another person on Twitter. Notably, not only V and Jennie, there are also photos of BTS’s Jimin, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, EXO’s Kai, and NCT’s Lucas.

The watermark of Gurumi Haribo is seen in every photo. The poster said they wanted to publish these photos before Gurumi Haribo because they were concerned that Gurumi Haribo would later use these photos to “prove their power” like what they did with the picture of Jisoo in Paris.

The new photos include:

  • V and Eva Chow when the designer came to BTS’s Permission To Dance concert.
  • Jennie during her trip to L.A.
  • G-Dragon on the day “Still Life” came out (uploaded to Jennie’s private Instagram story)
  • Jennie and friends
  •  Lucas and Kai hanging out
  • Jimin and friends
  •  V’s dog Yeontan

The poster of these photos also commented that the whole matter is quite complicated, and it is difficult to pinpoint each source and each person behind the leaked photos. They said, “All the photos don’t seem to come from one specific source. The source can be the idol’s friends, personal accounts, staff, managers, sasaengs — that’s why it’s not easy to deal with the issue. However, I decided to post them so that Gurumi wouldn’t take this any further.”

Source: facebook

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