BTS Jin’s message to fans while serving in the military “I miss you a lot”

On January 1st, the “Message from Jin: Jan 2024” video was uploaded on BTS’s official YouTube channel “BANGTANTV”.

In the video, Jin said, “Seokjin came to say hi for the new year. It’s January, everyone. The new year has come. I will become a year older in January. I’d be in my mid-30s by now.”

He shared, “Guys. Did you all make a snowman? I’m still in the past, so I don’t know if it’s snowing or not. But if it snowed, you have to make a snowman. This adorable snowman.”

He went on to say, “Go back to being kids and do snowball fights. What else can you make with snow? You could also go skiing. I’m good at snowboarding, remember? Snowboard. Every time you go skiing, please think about me. Don’t catch cold. It’d be really cold in January.”

Jin confessed, “It’s not January for me, to be honest. But I wanted to leave you something for January and show my pretty self although it’s not January. I’m actually wearing a short sleeve today. I’m wearing a short sleeve but I think it’d be cold on your end, so I’m leaving this video so you can watch my pretty, handsome face and spend January and February warmly.

He continued, “I miss you all. I miss you a lot. Wait just a bit more and you’ll be able to see me with short hair. I’ll grow my hair quickly this year and I’ll be able to start working hard soon. Guys. Please wait a few more months.”

He added, “Now that it’s the new year, we just have a few months left. Make lots of snowmen and think about me as you make them. I don’t know if this would be possible but make a snowman that looks like me and post it on Weverse. I’ll be looking at them. Please make a snowman that looks like me if possible!

Finally, he concluded, “All right. I’m gonna say goodbye here. Guys. I’ll be back in February and March. Watch this video until then. Bye!

Source: Nate

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