A post on Korean online community annoys netizens by saying these 5 female idols are “aespa 2.0” 

This post is not receiving a positive response from Korean netizens.

aespa is indeed one of the most popular girl groups currently as almost every topic about the group enters the top trending on Korean online communities. According to many netizens, with their unique futuristic concept and the members’ charms, aespa has all that it takes to become the leading girl group of Kpop 4th generation. 

aespa 2.0

However, recently, a post on Pann Nate caused Korean netizens to be angry by using aespa as the “standard” and listing out 5 female idols from other girl groups who are less popular but share similar looks and positions to aespa members. The original poster (OP) even called this lineup the “nugu version” of aespa. What infuriates netizens the most is that 4 out of 5 female idols listed are all aespa’s seniors, and they are not nugu idols at all. 

According to OP, Cosmic Girls‘ Yeoreum has a sharp gaze and a tall figure that is quite similar to Karina. She can also sing and rap well, which makes her a well-rounded leader like Karina. Yeoreum is even known as a lookalike of Taeyeon (SNSD).

aespa 2.0
Yeoreum looks like Karina…
aespa 2.0
and was known to share similarities with Taeyeon visual-wise 

Another member of Cosmic Girls, Soobin, is also considered by OP to have the potential to become the second Giselle thanks to their similar facial features.  However, Soobin is the main vocalist of the Starship girl group, while Giselle is aespa’s main rapper.

aespa 2.0
Giselle – Soobin

In the case of Winter, OP pointed out VIVIZ Eunha, a former member of G-FRIEND, to be the most suitable person. Due to the two’s many surprising similarities, from their short hair, short height, innocent beauty, to their lead vocalist position, making netizens put them next to each other to make comparisons.

aespa 2.0
Winter – Eunha

Lastly, Kep1er Shen Xiaoting was mentioned who will fit the image of maknae Ning Ning. Both Ning Ning and Shen Xiaoting are Chinese and their age difference is not too big. By adding Shen Xiaoting, “aespa new version” will be completed with all skills, from vocal to rap, dance, and visual.

aespa 2.0
Ning Ning – Shen Xiaoting

Apart from the 4 members, this OP also mentioned Bella (ELRIS) as a replacement for the AI character Naevis. This was due to the rumor that SM designed Naevis based on the image of Bella.

aespa 2.0
Naevis – Bella

In response to the topic, most Korean netizens got angry not at someone trying to create “aepsa version 2.0” but it was because 4 out 5 idols mentioned above are not too unpopular to be listed as KPOP “nugu” idols. In fact, VIVIZ Eunha is loved a lot by fans of 3rd generation groups, and Shen Xiaoting is also a rising star who has strong individual fandom.

aespa 2.0
Shen Xiaoting has just debuted with Kep1er but already achieved many records
aespa 2.0
Eunha is also a famous idol of the 3rd generation. She’s not a “nugu” idol in this KPOP world.

Some netizens’ comments:

  • Kep1er and VIVIZ are not nugu, what is this person talking about?
  • These idols are not nugu. ELRIS Bella is not really famous compared to other people but  Cosmic Girl, Kep1er and VIVIZ are doing well.
  • Even a person who only cares about famous idols like me still know Eunha and Shen Xiaoting
  • VIVIZ has not debuted yet but you already call them a nugu?
  • Stop using aespa to cause fan war.
  • Bella is more beautiful than the original version of Naevis
  • I think Shen Xiaoting is the prettiest Chinese idols
  • Shen Xiaoting is prettier than Ning Ning
aespa 2.0
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