BTS RM’s military comrade’s followers soar to 30,000 “BTS’s influence is also remarkable in the military”

BTS's influence, which heats up the whole world, is also remarkable in the military

As of Feb 26th, the follower count of A, who is presumed to be serving in the military with BTS’s RM, reached 33,000. Within about 2 days, they gained 30,000 followers, and the count continues to rise rapidly.

On Feb 24th, RM shared a post from A on SNS. In the photo, A, RM and other comrades were gathered together, drawing a V sign with their fingers and smiling widely. The post included the account addresses of RM and those around him, including A.

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Global BTS fans, excited about RM’s pleasant update during his military service, followed accounts of those like A. The trend of increasing followers vividly demonstrates the immense popularity of BTS.

Fans seem to have followed in hopes of receiving further updates on RM’s current status.

It’s reported that RM is currently serving in the military band of the 15th Infantry Division in Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do. His expected discharge date is June 10th, 2025.

Similar to RM, the group’s youngest member Jungkook has also played a significant role in elevating a brand into a full-fledged company.

In 2021, Jungkook wore clothes from the small independent brand F during a live broadcast. The brand’s clothing sold out, and many celebrities are currently wearing it.

F expressed gratitude to Jungkook at the time, “It was a gift-like moment. Thanks to Jungkook’s influence, the brand has received a lot of love worldwide.


F said they would continue to remember Jungkook and move forward without losing courage. F was also recognized at last year’s Seoul Fashion Week and continues to establish itself as a fashion brand.

All BTS members are fulfilling their military service. Jin, the eldest, will be discharged first in June, bringing joy to fans who have been waiting. Then, in October, J-Hope will complete his military duty. In 2024, there are prospects for Jin and J-Hope to showcase individual activities as BTS members.

In June 2025, RM and V will be discharged, followed by Jimin and Jungkook, as well as Suga, who will complete his military service as a public service worker after two years and two months. Many are eagerly anticipating the day when BTS will showcase their complete lineup.

Source: Daum

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