BTS Jungkook’s photocard is the most expensive photocard ever sold in Kpop!

It seems like Jungkook has another small record of his own.

BTSJungkook was awarded the title “Sold Og King” by the companies and brands themselves. His sales ability and brand power is very popular when anything the male idol uses becomes a hot topic and sells out instantly, even creating a merchandising craze. This photcard is also the case.

Jungkook’s photo cards are always sold at a very expensive price. Although the most expensive, but these cards… sold out very quickly.

BTS Jungkook's photocard is the most expensive photocard sold in Kpop!

Recently, Jungkook’s Butterful Photo from the ‘Butterful Lucky’ event was the most expensive K-Pop photocard ever sold. It was sold on eBay for $3,213 with 120 bids.

BTS Jungkook's photocard is the most expensive photocard sold in Kpop!

Previously, the male idol also achieved a similar achievement when one of his photocards was sold for $ 2700. ‘Jungkook Times’ page shared: “Jungkook’s photocard was resold at an astonishing price of 3M Korean Won (2.7K USD) in Indonesia and Philippines. His photocards are offered at the highest price range among members (usually $200-400, even at 900) but his is the first to be sold out”.

Jungkook’s photo cards are in great demand by cards collectors and they have spent a lot of money adding them to their collection. This shows his unparalleled popularity. Hopefully, in the future, the maknae of BTS will continue to maintain this interesting achievement.

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