Sexy leader of MAMAMOO suddenly ripped her shirt off while performing a BTS hit song

At the end of her cover of “Fire” by BTS, Solar suddenly rips off the shirt she’s wearing, making the audience go wild.

Recently, Mamamoo has finished their concert which was from the 19th to 21st of April at Seoul (Korea) to celebrate the success of their mini-album “White Wind”. In the 3-night concert, the girl group has brought the audiences many eye-catching performances and done many covers of other idols.

Most remarkable of them all is the cover of BTS’ “Fire” from Mamamoo’ leader – Solar. Famous for her sexy aura, Solar sure didn’t let her fans down by dancing and singing like she was “on fire” throughout the performance. Most surprisingly was the part where she reached for her shirt and tear it off.

solar 01 1

Right after the reckless shirt-rip, the singer quickly became the center of attention online. Many Twitter accounts have reuploaded the video with appraisals. “I can’t keep my eyes off the performance” or “The ending deserves to be watched again and again” were some of their comments.


The audience also thinks that Solar was smart to put that part at the end when the lights were dim by she was blurred in order to avoid an offensive feeling.

Solar’s real name is Kim Yong Seon, born in 1991. She is the leader and main vocal as well as the face of the group. Solar was known for her sexy look and a fierce, confident performance style. She once brought poll dance to the stage and also received lots of appraisals.

The concert will take place in Taiwan in the near future, on June 15th and June 16th, where the fans are waiting to get an even hotter performance from the girls.

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