Ha Yoon-kyung, from an unknown actress to becoming “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Spring Sunshine Choi Soo-yeon 

Here is the story of actress Ha Yoon-kyung, who recently proved her presence through the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

Ha Yoon-kyung had an interview with Wikitree at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu Seoul and told various stories about her recent appearance in ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

Ha Yoon Kyung

Ha Yoon-kyung, who made her debut in 2015 through the play “Ballad for Roxanne” at the National Theatre, began to make her face known to drama fans through tvN’s “Hospital Playlist” series in 2020. To Ha Yoon-kyung, who has been active in both dramas and movies, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is a very special drama because it marked the first time since her debut that she got cast without an audition. 

The actress said, “I had a big dream. It was to get cast in a drama without having to attend an audition. Surprisingly, it’s something very difficult to do. Some rookies get cast quickly without going through any audition, but that only happens to a small number of people. Most unknown actors have to audition hundreds of times and maybe throughout their whole career. That’s why I thought, ‘it would be great if someone cast me right away after looking through my previous works’, and I’m so thankful it really happened.”

Ha Yoon-kyung

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is a drama that tells about the survival of new lawyer Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin), who has both a genius brain and autism spectrum disorder, at a large law firm. Choi Soo-yeon played by Ha Yoon-kyung is Woo Young-woo’s law school friend and colleague at Hanbada law firm and she’s the person who doesn’t hesitate to give both harsh advice and warm consideration to Young-woo.

Portraying Choi Soo-yeon with her sharp voice tone and firm yet warm eyes, Ha Yoon-kyung received many compliments and even earned many beautiful nicknames, such as ‘Spring Sunshine’. However, the actress also confessed her deep concerns before creating such a well-loved character and the burden she felt from the title “Spring Sunshine”.

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The actress shared, “Choi Soo-yeon was a very difficult character to play. I think she’s a nice person but the script described her as a tricky person. When I asked the director, ‘What should I do?’, and he asked me back, ‘What kind of person do you think your character is?’. So I try to be a nice person whose motto is ‘Live sincerely’”.

Ha Yoon-kyung decided to go with a tied hairstyle in order to show the professional appearance of Choi Soo-yeon. However, she also tried to show a more colorful side of Choi Soo-yeon, who also likes to dress up prettily when she’s off work. In particular, it was Ha Yoon-kyung’s idea to make Choi Soo-yeon change her appearance 180 degrees after being hurt by a man she met on a blind date. She said, “I was told to show a slight change in my styling in that scene but I just wanted to make a complete transformation from that scene until the end. I wanted to show the feeling of Choi Soo-yeon growing up as a lawyer. From that scene, love began to come to Soo-yeon.”

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However, the love line between Choi Soo-yeon and Kwon Min-woo (Joo Jong-hyuk), whom she has a crush on, in the second half of the drama did not get positive responses from the audience. The majority of viewers said the love line between two people, who were not even close from the beginning, happened so suddenly. In particular, most reactions questioned how Choi Soo-yeon be able to like Kwon Min-woo, who showed bad behaviors toward Woo Young-woo. In fact, Ha Yoon-kyung also agreed with this opinion.

The actress confessed, “I think there was room for such a scenario to happen. The drama had to deal with many stories in court, so it was hard for our love line to be built up with different stories one after another. Still, I tried to show how Soo-yeon fell for Min-woo in a comical and cute way”. Ha Yoon-kyung also said she felt grateful that the viewers opposed her love line with Min-woo, saying “How much did they cherish Soo-yeon to disagree with her loving such a person?”. 

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Ha Yoon-kyung also expressed her ambition for “Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2”. She said, “I’m not in the position to say ‘I have to do Season 2’. If I won’t appear (in Season 2), I hope Soo-yeon can leave with applauses. Both are okay to me. But I would be very happy if I could do Season 2. I’m curious about how Soo-yeon has become more mature.”

Regarding “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which helped Ha Yoon-kyung receive the most attention since her debut, the actress said, “This work is like a ‘recovery medicine’ that I can take out and heal myself whenever I’m bored and exhausted”. When asked what kind of actress she would like to become in the future, Ha Yoon-kyung replied, “I want to become someone who can leave a long-lasting impression on others. That impression can be a comfort, or just simply a favorable look, or it can just be fun. I want people to remember me somehow. To do that, I think I have to become a person with deeper thoughts. That’s what I’m trying to do.”

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Revealing her goal is not to feel tired mentally and physically, Ha Yoon-kyung is currently filming her next work. Fans are looking forward to seeing how the actress will make her name and face more known to the public after “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. 

Source: wikitree

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