Kim Hee-sun: “Have been married for 16 years, can understand the psychology of cheating”

Actress Kim Hee-sun, who played the role of being cheated on in the Netflix drama “Remarriage and Desires,” drew attention by saying that she understood the psychology of cheating married men.

On July 18th, Kim Hee-sun joined an interview with a number of media to commemorate her appearance in Netflix’s “Remarriage and Desires.” In “Remarriage and Desires,” the husband of Seo Hye-seung (Kim Hee-sun), a housewife, is seen having an affair with Jin Yoo-hee (Jeong Yoo-jin), a lawyer on the legal team at a large company.

Kim Hee Sun

Regarding the opinion of those who said, “I immediately went ‘this is the drama I want’ after seeing the setting that Kim Hee-sun’s husband cheated on her,” Kim Hee-sun laughed, saying, “Because we can’t live with only kimchi stew and steak for the rest of our lives.”

Kim Hee Sun

In the meantime, Kim Hee-sun said that from her husband’s point of view, if she had met her housewife wife, she would want to meet someone who was totally different too. Kim Hee-sun said, “I have lived with my husband for about 16 years and have a middle school daughter. The situation is similar (to the main character I play),” adding, “It shouldn’t be and it will hurt my feelings, but I understand (the cheating psychology). I think it’s a possible situation,” she said.

Kim Hee Sun

She also said that there are actually people around her who have cheated on their spouses. Kim Hee-sun also talked about why she decided to appear in “Remarriage and Desires.” “At the time of this drama’s casting, it was before Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ hit the jackpot,” she said. “I wanted to try OTT, too. I was attracted to fresh materials and culture that only Korean Netflix could have,” she explained.

Kim Hee Sun

Meanwhile, “Remarriage and Desires,” which was released on July 15th, depicts a scandal of revenge and desire at an upper-class marriage information company that trades conditions, not love. “Remarriage and Desires” is gaining popularity as it ranks eighth in the global Netflix TV show category on July 18th based on Flix Patrol, a video streaming ranking website.

Source: Insight

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