BTS Jungkook ranked first as a Korean artist with the strongest fan base in China in 2021

Jungkook’s Chinese fans have also planned extraordinary activities to commemorate his birthday, which occurs in September.

According to Aiman, a Chinese big data analysis organization, BTS Jungkook had a high active fan index of 4110 on July 30 and was rated first among Korean artists.

bts jungkook ranked first as a korean artist with the strongest fan base in china proving his popularity 820830982

From July 25 to July 29, Jungkook was continuously listed in the top three of the most active Kpop fandom rankings, boasting his popularity in China.

bts jungkook ranked first as a korean artist with the strongest fan base in china proving his popularity832283820

In addition, Jungkook’s Chinese fan group, “Jungkook China,” is engaged in a variety of disciplines and generously supports him. ‘Jungkook China’ has also continued to reveal the ‘first’ and ‘world’s largest’ super special supports for Jungkook’s birthday on September 1.

Especially, ‘Jungkook China’ has announced that they will hold a ‘world first’ digital exhibition at ‘Lightbox’ in Manhattan, New York, USA on September 1 as a support for the BTS’s maknae’s birthday.

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The second support will take place on the Han River all day on September 1 in the form of a Cruise Parade, which will include a themed-restaurant, a Birthday Café, as well as an Illumination+Lighting Show, which is believed to be the ‘world’s first’.

For the 3rd support, Jungkook’s birthday advertisement will be broadcast on a total of 14,014 screens in Seoul and nationwide subways and on TV in guest rooms for two weeks from August 31 to September 14.

‘Jung Kook China’ also went on to say that the support was “the largest in the world” to demonstrate their massive fan base.

Meanwhile, ‘Jungkook China’ proved its overwhelmed fandom reputation by hosting more than 29 birthday supports in many countries around the world in 2020.

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