BTS Jungkook Handles an Odd Question about His Dog During Live Broadcast

Since introducing Bam, Jungkook and his dog have shared adorable moments, capturing fans’ hearts 

However, when an unexpected question during a recent live broadcast seemed to cast doubt on Jungkook’s affection for Bam, he directly addressed it. 

On December 8, Jungkook did a live broadcast on Weverse. The pleasant mood took a turn when Jungkook saw an odd comment about Bam. While discussing his cherished dog, someone asked, “Are you neglecting Bam?”

Jungkook was taken aback by the question and retorted, “Are you insane?” He went on to express how much he missed Bam, underscoring the weirdness of the comment.

When the video was shared on X, fans expressed their displeasure with the comment questioning Jungkook’s love for Bam.

Fans are saying boundaries with Jungkook, or any other idol, during live broadcasts, should be respected. 

Source: KB

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