Brother-in-law Kim Min-joon Publicly Shows Support For G-Dragon Following Wife Kwon Da-mi

Actor Kim Min-joon is trying to protect singer G-Dragon, the younger brother of his wife – fashion designer Kwon Da-mi

On November 14th, Kim Min-joon posted on his Instagram account a photo with the text “G-DRAGON Guardians Of Daisy”.

This photo filter is a campaign started by G-Dragon’s fans using the fashion brand logo and symbolic daisy flower created by G-Dragon. It is to publicly voice support for G-Dragon amid the ongoing drug controversy.

kim min jun-g dragon

Earlier, G-Dragon’s older sister Kwon Da-mi also complained of unfairness regarding the drug allegations against her younger brother. She said, “I’m really trying to hold it in XX. Seriously, that’s enough, XXXX. You are writing a whole novel”. She expressed frustration and stepped up for her brother by using the filter.

G-Dragon’s brother-in-law Kim Min-joon also joined, arousing support from many other netizens.

kim min jun-g dragon

The police booked G-Dragon on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act on October 25th. They reportedly found out about G-Dragon’s possible drug use in the process of obtaining information and investigating drugs distributed at an entertainment establishment in Gangnam, Seoul.

G-Dragon has denied all the drug suspicions, saying “I didn’t take drugs. Reports on the violation of the Narcotics Control Act by the media have nothing to do with me”, adding “ However, as I know that many people are worried and concerned by the incident, I will actively and faithfully cooperate with the police investigation”.

Source: Nate

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