BOL4 has 9 songs with over 100 million streams each “Following IU, BTS and TWICE”

Singer BOL4 surprised everyone by revealing that she has 9 songs with over 100 million streams each

On the Dec 20th broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show”, BOL4 Ahn Ji-young appeared as a guest. Ahn Ji-young introduced that she recently released a winter album on Dec 12th.

Ahn Ji-young shared a behind-the-scenes story, “I went to Sapporo, Japan to shoot the music video, but it didn’t snow. Fortunately, it snowed on the last day before taking the plane, so we filmed briefly then.”

When special DJ Gwak Beom mentioned her year-end concert and setlist, Ahn Ji-young said, “There are so many songs that time is insufficient.


To a question about the concert duration, she replied, “It’s scheduled for 2~2.5 hours, but since I tend to have long encores, it might go up to 3 hours.

Kim Tae-gyun and Gwak Beom were surprised when hearing that she sings alone for 3 hours without any guests, with Kim Tae-gyun wondering how she has such energy with her slim body.

Kim Tae-gyun shared “I released 11 albums, but since I don’t have any hit songs, I only sing one of my songs, and the rest are other people’s songs“, causing laughter.

Continuing the conversation, Gwak Beom expressed amazement, saying, “You have 9 songs with over 100 million streams each.” BOL4 was noted to have achieved this feat following IU, BTS and TWICE.

Kim Tae-gyun added “Please give me just one (song)“, inducing more laughter.

Source: Daum

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