BLACKPINK’s Lisa flaunts her doll-like beauty with blonde hair in the new magazine photos

Lisa is becoming more and more beautiful and attractive, helping her become the face of many big brands and magazine

Lisa (BLACKPINK) is currently one of the hottest idols, as well as a top style icon in Kpop. Today (April 15th), Elle Korea magazine published a new series of Lisa’s photos for the May issue. Immediately, netizens went viral with her extremely luxurious, seductive and unique appearance of BLACKPINK’s maknae.

Lisa hasn’t had long hair dyed blonde for a long time like when she first debuted, this hair exalted her beautiful doll-like face with a unique and chic aura. It is worth mentioning that although she has the same hair as in the past, the female idol’s beauty has increased by many times. BLACKPINK’s maknae’s excellent body is also what makes people unable to take their eyes off of her. With her increasing beauty, it is not difficult to understand when the female idol becomes the face of a series of big brands and magazines.

It’s been a long time since Lisa reappeared with long blonde hair like when she first debuted. The beauty of the 1997-born female idol is getting more and more enhanced and admired by many. The sharp eyes, high straight nose bridge, and thick lips of the youngest BLACKPINK make fans unable to take their eyes off.
Blonde hair exalts Lisa’s luxurious beauty and extreme self-expression. Only by revealing her slender shoulders and waist, Lisa still exudes a “deadly” charm.
Lisa shows off her sexy beauty in a black and white photo. The youngest member of BLACKPINK doesn’t need to be overly expressive, but it’s still enough to impress viewers. The long slim legs of the female idol also occupy the spotlight of the frame.
Back with short brown hair, Lisa turned into the girl next door with a gentle and feminine beauty. Charming brown eyes are the highlight of this photo.
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