If you were able to switch lives with one female idol star

Who would it be?

Mine would be Sana, how about you guys?
(Words in the photo: Yoo Hae Jin’s photo 15 years ago. I thought it was me…)
[+474, -85] Suzy….First, Suzy is not just pretty, she has a beauty that is said to be able to lift your finger (a Korean expression), and she is very tall, too. So if you would be Suzy, you will be lucky with everything you do. Suzy debuted after a very short training period, received a Daesang for the debut song, became extremely famous at a young age for her first movie “Architecture 101” and has still been able to maintain her popularity until now, at the age of 25. She is not only the CF queen and holds the “national first love” title, but was also the first to be successful in variety shows, movies, dramas, singing and rookie awards. She was the star with the highest price among 20-year-old stars so that companies couldn’t even sign CF contacts with her and even after ten years she is still at the top. Actually she is not excellent as a singer or an actress, but she dances well, sings well, if you see “While you were sleeping” you’ll know she is not bad at acting and she is careful with her words. I think Suzy can be considered the most successful and powerful female artist.
[+467, -79] Jennie
[+286, -39] Face- Sulli, life- Suzy
[+174, -41] Irene
[+130, -31] Tae Yeon. She is the top female vocalist and has a small figure, is the leader of the one and only SNSD, has a face of a 20-year-old while being 30, is surrounded by people like Suju, Shinee and Red Velvet. And to speak the truth, all the female juniors like herㅋㅋㅋ. I am so jealous.

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