BLACKPINK’s Jisoo gifted Hyeri a luxury wallet 

In a recent video, Hyeri revealed a luxury wallet gifted by her close friend, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

On December 4, a video titled ”MY 10 FAVORITES with HYERI” was published on the official YouTube channel of fashion magazine Marie Claire Korea.

In the video, Hyeri introduced her 10 favorite items. She revealed hand cream, postcards, and jelly, mentioning that she always carries facial masks and a massage ball in her pockets on set.


Hyeri explained, “These are products that I always have in my pocket. I’ve tried many facial masks and massage products, but these are perfect. They are a size that can be held in the hand and play a crucial role in reducing swelling.”

Then, the idol-actress took out wired earphones, saying, “Actually, all of these are really things that I’m using, so I was thinking about whether to bring this or not. When I used wired earphones, I used this one, and when everyone changed to wireless earphones, I used this one. I think I’ve used this for over 10 years. It was shocking when a wireless version of this was released. I was surprised and had questions like, ‘It connects with Bluetooth?’ and ‘You can listen to music with Bluetooth?’ It seems like its lifespan is over, but it still works well.”

Additionally, Hyeri unveiled a sky-blue wallet from luxury brand Dior, saying, “Last year, (Blackpink) Jisoo gave me this as a birthday gift. Thank you. I’m using it well. Every time we meet, she checks if I brought the wallet. I always carry cash just in case”.

Afterwards, she even shared a photo of her resident registration card taken from the wallet.

In addition to these items, Hyeri introduced her camera and scarf. She expressed that it’s fine if people around her use the same products, saying, “I believe in sharing good things, and if you bought something because you followed what I use, that’s completely fine. I have a lot more things I want to introduce, so I’ll introduce them to you next time.”

Source: Daum

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