BLACKPINK’s Jisoo commences her solo album pre-order today, March 6th

Black Pink Jisoo’s first solo single album pre-sale has begun.

According to YG Entertainment, Jisoo’s first solo physical album will be released in three types: CD, KiT, and Vinyl LP. the pre-order period began on March 6th at 4 p.m. (KST).

The CD comes in two versions: red and black, with Jisoo joining the design process, increasing the value of her first solo release. The CD comes with a unique Jisoo’s charm, including a 88-page photobook, 1 out of 4 random selfie photo cards, 1 out of 4 random polaroids, a lyric paper and an accompanied bookmark. The first edition will come with a separate random selfie photocard and a double-sided poster.

In addition, the KiT album allows fans to enjoy Jisoo’s music right on their devices. The album is also filled with many goods for fans to indulge in, including a double-sided photocard set, a lyric paper, a credit paper, a calendar, and a woodstand. The first edition will also be presented with a random selfie photocard.

The limited LP edition will only be available from March 6th to March 30th. A purple-colored vinyl and analog charm are expected to build anticipation and evoke purchase from fans. Not much information has been released for this limited edition. 

CDs and KiT albums will be available for pre-order at YG Select, Weverse Shop, Ktown4U on March 31st. The Vinyl LP edition will be delivered sequentially after August 1st. 

Source: Daum

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