BLACKPINK Secures Top Spot in Girl Group Brand Reputation After YG Contract Renewal

BLACKPINK dominates girl group brand reputation post-YG renewal, followed by NewJeans and IVE 

According to the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute, BLACKPINK, who recently completed a renewal contract with YG Entertainment, claimed the first position in brand reputation for girl groups in December 2023.

The Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute measured brand big data from November 10, 2023, to December 10, 2023, analyzing 51,479,104 pieces of brand big data to measure brand reputation indices for girl groups based on participation, media, communication, and community indices.

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In December 2023, the rankings for girl group brand reputation were as follows: BLACKPINK, NewJeans, IVE, BABYMONSTER, aespa, LE SSERAFIM, (G)I-DLE, TWICE, Red Velvet, Oh My Girl, Girls’ Generation, Cignature, Girl’s Day, fromis_9, Mamamoo, NMIXX, H1-KEY, STAYC, Dreamcatcher, EXID, WJSN, LABOUM, Apink, APRIL, Kep1er, LOONA, Ladies’ Code, ELRIS, DIA, ITZY.

BLACKPINK achieved a brand reputation index of 6,148,842 with participation index 225,420, media index 1,051,802, communication index 1,660,991, and community index 3,210,629. Compared to November’s brand reputation index of 3,948,959, it increased by 55.71%.


In second place, NewJeans recorded a brand reputation index of 4,730,218, with participation index 462,740, media index 1,114,443, communication index 698,020, and community index 2,455,015. Compared to November, there was a slight 0.02% decrease.

In third place, IVE achieved a brand reputation index of 4,547,363, with participation index 312,256, media index 862,594, communication index 1,286,030, and community index 2,086,482. This reflects a 1.82% decrease compared to November’s index of 4,631,502.

In fourth place, rookie girl group BABYMONSTER had a brand reputation index of 2,691,229, with participation index 285,872, media index 662,281, communication index 776,544, and community index 966,531.

In fifth place, aespa achieved a brand reputation index of 2,594,605, with participation index 200,328, media index 567,127, communication index 361,899, and community index 1,465,250. This marked a 16.07% increase compared to November’s brand reputation index of 2,235,360.

Source: daum

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